Individual Therapy

Individuals join Dr. Albarelli for one-on-one consultations in a safe and open setting. Depending on the level of comfort, Dr. Albarelli will meet with children and adolescents alone or with a family member. Individual therapy sessions generally last 45 minutes.

Relationship Counseling

For couples who have run into emotional trouble or just want to make sure their relationship gets off to a healthy start, relationship counseling is highly valuable.

Family Therapy

Therapist-led family therapy is useful both as a supplement and an alternative to individual therapy. It provides real-life feedback and interaction among the patients.

Meditation Instruction

Would you like to feel calmer, more clear and have more energy? How about getting better sleep? Meditation is a word to describe the many techniques and practices, both modern and ancient, which settle your nervous system and train you brain to be more focused, engaged, and less reactive. 




Yoga based play therapy program for children. Dr. Albarelli designed this movement based therapeutic approach as a part of her doctoral dissertation. Yoga can help children learn to calm their bodies so they feel more empowered to calm their minds.