Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness meditation is a clinically proven technique that helps staff manage stress, improve productivity and achieve a good work-life balance.It is estimated that untreated mental health conditions cost businesses approximately $11b every year. Research shows that every dollar spent on identifying, supporting and case-managing workers with mental health issues yields close to a 230% return in improved productivity and reduced leave time. Dr. Shannon Albarelli has an authentic, unique and engaging way of presenting and interacting with staff from all different backgrounds to help them understand and grow their own mindfulness and meditation practices. In return ... 

Employers are happy to see:

  • reduced sick leave and stress claims

  • retention of skilled staff

  • a positive work environment

  • increased engagement and morale

  • a return on investment

At the same time, employees benefit from:

  • stress management skills

  • clearer and more focused thinking

  • increased self esteem

  • collaborative and creative teamwork

  • reduction in anxiety

Mindful Meditation workshop at The Bar Method Montclair. Dr. Albarelli leads group meditations designed to bring peace, clarity, creativity and kindness to those who participate. She leads mindful meditation classes as well as lovingkindness meditations. Mindfulness refers to the practice of bringing your attention into the present moment and the present activity, and filling your mind with the actual experience. You engage your senses and your awareness, maintaining a non-judgmental attitude while you pay attention to what you are doing, while you are doing it. If you get distracted, you simply notice the mind’s usual commentary and refocus.Mindfulness techniques including meditation and deep, rhythmic breathing are some of the best lifestyle tools we have to control stress, improve sleep and even avoid illness. One of the goals is to learn to be kind and compassionate to your self so that  you can be more kind and compassionate to others. 

Mindfulness, Movement & Meditation workshop for The Life Is Good Kids Foundation. Dr. Albarelli has been working with The Life is Good Kids foundation for over 10 years. This foundation partners with leading childcare organizations to positively impact the quality of care delivered to the most vulnerable children. On top of designing the yoga-based play therapy program for inner city pre-school children,  Shannon leads workshosp for child care providers on how to create more space for love, joy and creativity through the practice of mindfulness, the power of exercise to invigorate and heal the body and the action of practicing meditation for greater health and well-being. 

During her doctoral program, Dr. Albarelli designed a yoga-based play therapy program for inner city pre-school children for her dissertation. This program involves a guidebook for childcare providers on how to bring yoga based exercises in the classroom and other settings  to create a sense joyfulness and playfulness in children that serves as a resilience factor for when they face challenges. Dr. Albarelli incorporates yoga into her private practice with children and also offers this as an adjunct to her therapy practice. Dr. Albarelli also offers to work with organizations and classroom on how to bring this type of play therapy into the classroom in an effective and meaningful way.